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T470 external battery

BRAND NEW GENUINE LENOVO THINKPAD T470 T480 T570 T580 10.8V 72WH 61++ BATTERY 01AV427 / S10K97584 Battery Voltage: 10.8V Battery Capacity: 72 Wh Battey Type: Li-ion Battery Color: Black Warranty: 1 year, brand new LENOVO 01AV427 Compatible numbers: 01AV422, 01AV423, 01AV424, 01AV425, 01AV426, 01AV427, 01AV428, 01AV452, 01AV490, 01AV491, 01AV492, SB10K97579, SB10K97580, SB10K97581, SB10K97582, SB10K97583, SB10K97584, SB10K97585, SB10K97597 It will fit to this models: For Lenovo ThinkPad T470(20HDA03YCD), ThinkPad P51s(20JY/20K0), ThinkPad T570(20H9003BCD), ThinkPad T470(20HD002XCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A000CD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A005CD), ThinkPad P51s(20HBA00VCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A059CD), ThinkPad T570(20H9003ACD), ThinkPad T470(20HDA01VCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A006CD), ThinkPad P51s(20HBA008CD), ThinkPad P52s V00, ThinkPad T470(20HDA01FCD), ThinkPad T470(20JMA01HCD), ThinkPad T580-20L9, ThinkPad P51s(20HBA00MCD), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA00WCD), ThinkPad T570(20H9A00PCD), ThinkPad T480, ThinkPad T580-20L90020GE, ThinkPad P51s(20HBA006CD), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA009CD), ThinkPad T570(20H9A00BCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A007CD), ThinkPad T580-20L90025GE, ThinkPad P51s(20HBA00KCD), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA008CD), ThinkPad T570(20H9A00SCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A004CD), ThinkPad T580(20L9000JCD), ThinkPad P51s(20HBA00NCD), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA001CD), ThinkPad T470(20HDA030CD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A01KCD), ThinkPad T580(20L9A009CD), ThinkPad P51s(20HBA00YCD), ThinkPad T480 0HH, ThinkPad T470(20HDA01LCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A00QCD), ThinkPad T580(20L9A006CD), ThinkPad P51s(20HB/20HC), ThinkPad T480 8HK, ThinkPad T470(20HDA03GCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A00ECD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A02BCD), ThinkPad P51s(20HB000UGE), ThinkPad T480(20L5A054CD), ThinkPad T470(20HDA00PCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A00KCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A03MCD), ThinkPad P51s(20HB000VMZ), ThinkPad T470(20HDA007CD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A009CD), ThinkPad P51s, ThinkPad P51s(20JY0001GE), ThinkPad T570(20H9A001CD), ThinkPad T470(20HDA03FCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A00XCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5001TCD), ThinkPad P51s(20HBA00FCD), ThinkPad P52s, ThinkPad T470(20HDA004CD), ThinkPad T470(20HDA03KCD), ThinkPad T580, ThinkPad P51s(20HBA00DCD), ThinkPad P52s DHK, ThinkPad T470(20HDA003CD), ThinkPad T470(20JMA006CD), ThinkPad T580-20LA, ThinkPad P51s(20HBA010CD), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA00VCD), ThinkPad T570(20H9A00TCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A001CD), ThinkPad T580-20L90021GE, ThinkPad P51s(20HBA00RCD), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA004CD), ThinkPad T570(20H9A00QCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A00HCD), ThinkPad T580-20L90026GE, ThinkPad P51s(20HBA00ACD), ThinkPad P52s(20LB001TCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5001YCD), ThinkPad T580(20L9A005CD), ThinkPad P51s(20HBA00UCD), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA002CD), ThinkPad T470(20JMA00ECD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A00MCD), ThinkPad T580(20L9A000CD), ThinkPad P51s(20JYA002CD), ThinkPad T480 UHH, ThinkPad T470(20HDA00QCD), ThinkPad T480(20L50021CD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A02NCD), ThinkPad P51s(20HB000SGE), ThinkPad T580(20L9A00TCD), ThinkPad T470(20JMA004CD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A00JCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A02ACD), ThinkPad P51s(20HB000UMZ), ThinkPad T480(20L5A057CD), ThinkPad T470(20HDA008CD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A01LCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A03RCD), ThinkPad P51s(20HCS06607), ThinkPad T470(20JMA00BCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A00VCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A00WCD), ThinkPad P51s(20HBA00CCD), ThinkPad P51s(20JY0003GE), ThinkPad T570(20H9A009CD), ThinkPad T470(20JMA009CD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A008CD), ThinkPad P51s(20HBA011CD), ThinkPad P52s EHK, ThinkPad T470(20HD002TCD), ThinkPad T470(20JMA01KCD), ThinkPad T580-20LAS01H00, ThinkPad P51s(20HBA00BCD), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA005CD), ThinkPad T570(20JWA005CD), ThinkPad A275, ThinkPad T580-20L9001YGE, ThinkPad P51s(20HBA012CD), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA006CD), ThinkPad T570(20H90038CD), ThinkPad T480(20L5001RCD), ThinkPad T580-20L90024GE, ThinkPad P51s(20HBA00ECD), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA007CD), ThinkPad T570(20H9A00XCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A003CD), ThinkPad T580-20L9003PGE, ThinkPad P51s(20HBA00SCD), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA000CD), ThinkPad T470(0HDA004CD), ThinkPad T480(20L5001SCD), ThinkPad T580(20L9000ECD), ThinkPad P51s(20HBA00WCD), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA003CD), ThinkPad T470(20HD002YCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A00LCD), ThinkPad T580(20L9000CCD), ThinkPad P51s(20HBA009CD), ThinkPad T480 EHH, ThinkPad T470(20HD002RCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A00DCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A02CCD), ThinkPad P51s(20HB000SMZ), ThinkPad T580(20L9A00JCD), ThinkPad T470(20JMA00CCD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A00NCD), ThinkPad T480 20L5A001CD, ThinkPad P51s(20HB000VGE), ThinkPad T470(20HDA02ACD), ThinkPad T480(20L5A00PCD), ThinkPad T470, ThinkPad T570, T570

Qty Available: 10


HP Elitebook 840 G3

HP Elitebook 840 G3 Intel i5-6300u 8gb RAM, 265gb SSD 14.0" LCD W10Pro Ex-corporate laptops, lovingly refurbished, in good condition and perfect working order.

Qty Available: 9


hp 15S-FQ4553SA

HP 15s-fq4553sa 15.6" Laptop - Intel® Core™ i5, 256 GB SSD, Silver Windows 11 Intel® Core™ i5-1155G7 Processor RAM: 4 GB / Storage: 256 GB SSD Full HD screen Battery life: Up to 10 hours Manufacturer No: 53L36EA#ABU 12 MONTHS RTB WARRANTY hp 15S-FQ4553SA uPGRADE TO 8GB FOR £30



Sharp 42" TV and chromecast

42" FHD LED Smart Android TV Netflix Prime Freeview HD Chromecast built in Google Assistant Full HD Android TV™ Screen Size 106 cm (42”) HARMAN/KARDON® Speaker System The Google Assistant Chromecast Built-in Bluetooth® HD Tuner DVB-T/T2/C/S/S2 (MPEG4 + 10-bit HEVC/H.265) Android Smart Full HD 42CI2EA provides a wide range of connection possibilities. Android TV™ provides customers with a modern and intuitive approach to TV that provides more value than just watching content. It’s an all in one, entertainment hub. Android TV™ with the Google Assistant provides a smarter viewing experience. Quickly access entertainment, control smart devices, get answers on screen, and more using your voice.

Qty Available: 12


Universal Battery Charger TM-901+90W

Universal Battery Charger TM-901+90W 8 tips Specifications Wattage 90W Weight 0.63kg

Qty Available: 300


TM902 ac adapter 90w

Universal Battery Charger TM-902+ 90W+UK cable with 8 tips Integrated USB 5v 2a for phones etc Car cigarette adapter plus mains tips fuj/panasonic Sony 6.0mmx1mm Tosh Acer Asus Compaq HP 6.3mmx3.0mm 5.5mm x 2.5mm Acer ams averatec compaq Dell Fuj HP IBM LenovoNEC Panasonic Tosh samung Viewsonic 5.5mm x 2.1mm Tosh Acer Asus Compaq HP 6.3mmx3.0mm Acer ams averatec compaq Dell Fuj HP IBM LenovoNEC Panasonic Tosh 5.5mm x 1.7mm Acer 4.75mm x 1.7mm HP Acer Asus 4mm x 1.7mm Sony Pioneer Lenovo Compaq Acer Dell 3.5mm x 1.3mm Sharp asus

Qty Available: 400


VX3211-4K-mhd 32" 4K Entertainment Monitor

VX3211-4K-mhd 32" 4K Entertainment Monitor 95% NTSC wide colour gamut coverage AMD FreeSync™ technology HDR10 content support Picture-in-Picture 80M:1 dynamic contrast ratio Barely used still in box grade a condition

Qty Available: 1


Lenovo Preferred Pro II Wired USB Keyboard

Lenovo Preferred Pro II Wired USB Keyboard UK Black 4X30M86917 - NEW

Qty Available: 20


Microsoft Wired Desktop 600 keyboard & mouse set

Microsoft Wired Desktop 600 keyboard & mouse set for Business 3J2-00002 - NEW

Qty Available: 55


Netgear ex6150 wifi booster / access point

Netgear ex6150 wifi booster / access point

Qty Available: 10


AOC 24" monitor

AOC 24B2XDAM 24 Inch FHD 75Hz Multimedia monitor with Speakers VGA DVI HDMI Minimum edge display with almost no surround showing.Thin and sleek 23.8" VA monitor with lively colours, wide angle visibility and eye-friendly technology The 24B2XDAM from the B2 Series employs a 23.8" Full HD VA panel offering wide viewing angles, accurate and lively colours plus flexible connectivity. It features a slim profile and a 3-sides borderless panel for seamless multi monitor setups. Say goodbye to eyestrain thanks to AOC's LowBlue and FlickerFree technologies.

Qty Available: 100


ADVA 0063001618 traffic grooming

ADVA 0063001618 OpenFabric1200™ traffic grooming 1062mb/s

Qty Available: 1


adva mux 1-8(32)

Adva WDMM-F2-AC-SB-A1-Z11 Channels 1-8, for the FSP-2000 / F-II / F2K

Qty Available: 1


X230 motherboard i5 2.6ghz

Lenovo Thinkpad X230 Motherboard i5 2.6GHz

Qty Available: 12




Qty Available: 3


DVD/RW XPS M1710 INSPIRON 1300 1505 E1705

DVD RW drive for XPS M1710 INSPIRON 1300 1505 E1705

Qty Available: 1


Samsung Tab A DC Port Replacement

Is your Samsung Tab A not charging? We can fix the charging port.

Qty Available: 1


Samsung Tab A LCD Replacement

Replace the broken LCD on your Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Qty Available: 1


X280 motherboard

Lenovo Thinkpad X280 I5-8350U 8GB Motherboard NM-B521 01LX681

Qty Available: 1


Latitude E5470 motherboard

Dell Latitude E5470 Laptop Motherboard WITH i5-6300U CPU @ 2.7GHz – 4DRN1

Qty Available: 10


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