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Antenna / GPS + GSM + WiFi Combination Antenna / 2J520

Qty Available: 50


7 inch Tablet Tan Leather Premium Shooting Case

7 inch Tablet Case Tan Leather Premium Shooting Case

Qty Available: 38


Active Holder, Tilt Swivel (Brodit)

Mounting solutions for vehicle communication accessories. With cig-plug. Can be used with or without keyboard. HTC Advantage X7500, Advantage X7510, Athena, T-Mobile Ameo.

Qty Available: 50


Autocab Ingenico iCT220-001-ACAB POS Credit Card Reader Terminal

Ingenico iCT220-001-ACAB POS Credit Card Reader Terminal

Qty Available: 50



Gatetel EZ863 GPS module 9 way D type (RS232) 4 pin power connector 24 pin DIL GPIO connector GPS GSM Audio plug

Qty Available: 50


GPC Computer Software Ltd. Bluetooth PIA

GPC Computer Software Ltd. Bluetooth PIA voltage:+12V DC




Item Weight 86.2 g Product Dimensions 8.9 x 3.2 x 11.4 cm Item model number 10013

Qty Available: 50


Ingenico KIT Charger V3 ICT2XX

Ingenico Kit Car Charger V3 ICT2XX

Qty Available: 9


Mini USB car charger and Omicron USB defender

SKU: PD014 ,CB094

Qty Available: 100


Minos Back Plate

Compatible with: Minos

Qty Available: 100


mobile pro plus printer

Mobile Pro Plus Printer Autocab

Qty Available: 10


Omicron Bracket (DT076)

Compatible with: Omicron

Qty Available: 313


Omicron Cable Defender (CB094)

Compatible with: Omicron CB086

Qty Available: 404


Omicron to Radio Modem Box, (CB086)

Compatible with: Omicron Radio Modem Box

Qty Available: 8



Qty Available: 1145



PD017 to go with DT064

Qty Available: 100


PDA Window Bracket Kit

Compatible with: Samsung Galaxy X Cover Samsung Galaxy X Cover 2 Window Suction Bracket

Qty Available: 100


Power Extension Cable (CB067)

Compatible with: Zeta Sigma plus

Qty Available: 220


Serial to USB Adaptor for Radio Modem Box (CB097)

Compatible with: Titan Radio Modem Box

Qty Available: 145


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