z series workstations

Z800 1100w psu

1110 WATT WITH (BIST) 89% EFFICIENT for Z800

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Z800 130w heatsink and fan

HP Z800 high performance 130W heatsink and fan Used with 130W CPU's (SLBVX etc)



Z800 850w psu

Z800 850W Power Supply 508148-001 468929-003 DPS-850DB PSU

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Z800 90W heatsink and fan

Z800 90W heatsink and fan

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Z800 SATA caddy

Z800 SATA caddy Standerd adapters do not align up properly . They leave the sata connector in the middle rather than lining up on the rhs.

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Z800 twin hex core xeons

HP Z800 PC Workstation 2x Xeon Hexa Core X5650 - 6 core 2.66G .Total of 12 cores Ram 18 GB exp to 96G 128GB SSD optional sas or hybrid drives ie 1TB Hybrid plus £59each) Quadro FX4500 graphics card (many options avaiable from stock up to 12G DDR5 quadro 6000)

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