Apple Ipad air 3 case & keyboard


Apple Ipad air 3 case & keyboard Top Quality PU Leather Case with a detachable Bluetooth. The wireless keyboard connects with your Tablet via the Bluetooth interface. The keyboard can be detached from the case, this allows you to place it in a more comfortable typing position. This case is supplied with a UK standard QWERTY keyboard layout and design, unlike ALL other sellers that sell USA keyboard layouts. So it’s just like using your normal everyday keyboard, as you don’t need to waste time learning a new layout, and finding everyday keys like @, £ / etc. Moreover, this keyboard comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that has an extremely long battery life. You can type for hours without needing to charge the keyboard. When the keyboard is inactive for fifteen minutes, it will automatically go into the energy-conserving sleep mode. All you need to do for the keyboard to wake up is to press any key. You can also adjust the viewing angle of the case; there are 3 positions to choose from.
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