Mobile Data Terminal Accessories

2GB Micro SD Card - DT074

Compatible with: Minos Samsung Galaxy X cover 2 Titan Omicron Spirit Smart phone

Qty Available: 500


Car Charger Kit

SKU: samsung-xcover-charger-kit

Qty Available: 500


Com 1 and Com 2 Adaptor Cable (CB065)

Compatible with: D21 D22 D23 Alpha Sigma Sigma Plus Zeta Minos Chip and Pin Printers

Qty Available: 837


Eliot / TOPICON MDT520

Memory ROM (SLC/MLC): 4G/8G NAND flash RAM (DDR):1GB DDR3 Extend Slot: Micro SD( T Flash) card Interface Mini USB Connector: USB2.0 connection and power charging Audio Jack: Yes SIM card slot: Yes Dimension & Weight Dimension: 149x94x21mm Weight: TBD Hardware CPU: 1.2GHz Dual core GPS: High sensitivity receiver, 64 channels GSM/GPRS module: From Telit modem, 2 version EUR - GPRS 900/1800, 3G 900/2100 NAR - 850/1900 Bluetooth: V2.1 and V4.0 with data transfer (OPP profile) WLAN: Wifi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Camera: 5Mpixel autofocus camera Display: 5 "colour TFT touch screen (800x480, capacitive Touch panel) Antenna: Internal antenna Connectivity: USB client for mass storage Audio: Yes, 2,5mm mini headphone jack LED indicator: Two-color LED (Red/Green) Software Operating System: Android version 4.4 Android applications: TBD Navigation software: TBD Battery Capacity: 2600mAh Standby: TBD Operating Time: TBD Charging Time: TBD Packaging Details 1pc main unit and 1pc cradle

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GPRS Antenna (DT017)

Compatible with: D22 Sigma Plus Zeta

Qty Available: 387


MDT Level A repair

Level A £45.00 + VAT This level of cover includes setting up of the test equipment and a full functional test of MDT equipment. This is to include GPS and GPRS functional tests (where applicable), A full communication test, testing of keypad, touchscreen and battery and general operation of the equipment. This is also to include GPS battery replacement, Upgrade of firmware and reprogramming of parameters (this only applies to recent upgrades and updates applicable to repair).

Qty Available: 100


MDT level b repair

Level B £60.00 + VAT This level of cover is to include all in levels "A" and is also to include fault diagnosis to component level for the first 30 minutes. This level is also to include the replacement of discrete components subject to any works being completed within the given time frame. To book online use

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MDT level c repair

Level C £90.00 + VAT This level of cover is to include all in levels "A,B" and is to be charged when the diagnosis period exceeds that in level "B" up to and including a period of 45 minutes. This level of cover also includes the replacement of discrete components subject to any works being completed within the given time frame.

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MDT level d repair

Level D £150.00 + VAT This level of cover is to include all in levels "A,B,C'' and is also to include items of refurbishment such as screens, replacement casings, GPS, GPRS and Bluetooth modules. This is also to include a diagnostic time period of up to 60 minutes. This level also includes standard manufacturers repair when not covered by any warranty. To book a repair online use this link:

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Metal Bracket for Minos (DT067)

Compatible with: Minos

Qty Available: 407


Micro USB Car Charger Cable (PD022)

Qty Available: 150


Minos Extension Cable (CB077)

Compatible with: Minos Radio Cradle Motorola Data cable (cb002a) Tait Data Cable (cb047)

Qty Available: 828



25way female d type to 15way male dtype with panic button Compatible with: Minos High speed Cradle Motorola Data cable (cb002a) Tait Data Cable (cb047)

Qty Available: 100


Minos High Speed Cradle + Extension lead (GPRS only)

Compatible with: Minos (GPRS Only) Tait Data Cable (cb047) Tait TM8110 Radios only with high speed capability

Qty Available: 100


Minos In Car Power Cable (CB087)

Compatible with: Minos (GPRS only) Radio Cradle (dt060)

Qty Available: 1556


Minos Radio Cradle (DT060)

Compatible with: Minos Minos Radio Extension cable (cb077)

Qty Available: 209


Minos Taxi Light Relay Cable (CB083)

Compatible with: Minos Taxi Lamp

Qty Available: 478


Motorola Radio Modem Cable (CB090)

Compatible with: Radio Modem Box Motorola GM340 Motorola CM340

Qty Available: 1229


Motorola Zeus Minos MDT

Motorola Zeus Minos MDT taxi meter

Qty Available: 30



Description Refurbished to a Near New Condition. The omicron is refurbished to a high standard and goes through a rigorous testing procedure. Due to the limited stock please call first to check if in stock. Compact, portable and practical The small yet stylish nature of the Omicron makes it attractive to drivers The omicron has an impressive 5’’ LCD touch screen and is only 14 mm thin. Each and every icon is crystal clear and the color definition is excellent. It possesses all the stand-out features of the Minos including Auto-light adjustment, Day & Night mode and full UK and Ireland A to Z map with voice navigation. Specifications Screen Size: 5.0’’ LCD Screen Dimensions: 140 x 86 x 14mm Dual core processor 2 GB memory Micro SD External Memory Windows CE operating system. Advanced touch screen technology High Definition display Real time airport details & Live Flight details with real time updates Advanced easy bidding facility Full UK and Ireland A to Z map with voice navigation Outstanding voice navigation & Complete road by road voice navigation

Qty Available: 50


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